Thursday, 30 May 2013

Avon Always On Point Eyeliner First Impressionsish

Hello ladies,

 Today I have another review for you and unfortunately much like the last one I was very disappointed with this product.

 When I got handed the Avon book in work a few weeks ago and saw this new eyeliner, I decided straight away that I had to have it. It looked amazing and looked like a greay way of doing winged eyeliner without using my faithful liquid eyeliner. To show what I mean I've found a picture of the book I saw this product advertised in.

 As you can see the pigmentation looks fantastic and the fact the sharpener is in the lid meaning the eyeliner never goes blunt.

 Avon describes this product as being "creamy, smooth liner stays colour-true" so all in all with this description and the images above I thought "great! I need to try this product" and immediately ordered it in Black.

 Upon receiving this product I was very excited to try it and did at the first opportunity. As always I had swatched the eyeliner as soon as I received it and the pigmentation looked great as you can see from the picture below. Along with this it doesn't seem to smudge and takes a bit of rubbing to get off so on first impressions it seemed great.

 However, when I went to use this instead of my liquid eyeliner, it didn't seem as creamy and I felt like I was having to apply a fair bit of pressure and was dragging it along my eyes only for it to look grey and patchy. I ended up going over it with my liquid eyeliner anyway.

 Since then I've been using it along the waterline and it seems to be quite good for this although not as good as Avon's SuperShock Gel Eyeliner which I absolutely love. Saying that I got very annoyed over the weekend as I went to use it, I found the point had snapped off and it wasn't sharpening so I rendered it useless. I didn't expect that to happen after only using the eyeliner a few times.

 I've taken the lid off a few times since then especially this morning seeing if it was worth me even taking pictures of it or even swatch it as I didn't have a picture of this. When I decided I was going to show you guys what has happened, I took the lid off to take the picture and was shocked to find this had happened:

 Yes that's right, the point has eventually been sharpened back. In a way this has caused it to redeem itself as I can now continue to use the eyeliner the way I was doing rather than wasting my money on a product that's going to go in the bin.

 I think I'm kind of torn on this product because I can't use it for what I purchased it for despite it being shown in this way in the book however, I don't mind it as an eyeliner for the waterline and I will continue using it. However, I don't think I'll be repurchasing it in this or any other colour. Normally when I see new products like this in lipsticks I buy more than one colour but I'm glad that on this occasion I'd decided to only go for one.

 After writing this I decided not to post it and to try it again after I'd had a shower and see if I could make it work. Although it was still a little harder to apply than liquid eyeliner, it felt smoother last time and I'm actually pleased with the outcome. The colour is darker than it was last time and I didn't need to touch it up with liquid eyeliner.

 I decided to keep this post as it was to show how disappointed I was in the first place. I'm quite happy with it now, its stayed on all day and it's had a decent pay off. It probably won't replace my liquid eyeliner but I will be using it for winged eyeliner on occasions. Maybe this was one of those products that doesn't have great pay off on the first use but then gets better, I'm not sure but I am a lot more impressed with it than I was when I first tried it.

 Has anyone else tried this product? It'd be great if you could let me know your opinions :)

Thanks for reading guys.

       Lou xx

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Superdrug Dry Shampoo Review

Hello ladies,

I had planned to make a few post this week as my hours had been cut in work but then I got a phone call on Monday saying they'd messed up and I was meant to be on full hours. Along with this I've had to make a couple of trips to hospital as I'm clearly very clever and shut my finger in a door and broke it. So yeah its been one of those weeks.

Anyways, I've found some time to get up a quick review on Superdrugs own dry shampoo. A few weeks ago I purchased Chocolate Brownie and Away with the Fairies when they were on offer and I was hoping that this would be a cheaper alternative to Batiste dry shampoo.

When I first before these I decided to check out some reviews before I tried them and found that the majority of people weren't overly impressed with this product. Despite this I really wanted to like it and thats why I've taken a while to get this review up, I wanted to keep trying it so I could give it a fair review but unfortunately it just doesn't do it for me.

The only things that I really liked at all about this product where the packaging, they smell really nice and I quite like the fact they're clear and don't feel too heavy on the hair. If I'm honest it doesn't really bother me using dry shampoos that come out as a white powder as I've managed to brush it out of my hair well plus I feel like it's the thick consistancy that gives my hair volume. My hairs pretty fine and I usually go through quite a bit of dry shampoo because I use it on freshly washed hair to add the volume. This product although it didn't feel heavy on my hair which when first applied made it feel quite fresh, it didn't add any volume at all.

Due to this I stopped using this product on my hair when it was freshly washed and only between washes. When first applied it does feel like your hair has been refreshed which is ok for a couple of hours. After this period my hair just started to feel really dirty and I felt to look at it was greasy and could do with a good wash as well. This really disappointed me as when I use Batiste it makes my hair look clean for the whole day and doesn't feel dirty and greasy.

To be honest I don't really know what else to say about this product. I've used up the Chocolate Brownie one and I will finish Away with the Fairies before I buy a new can of Batiste but I doubt I will be repurchasing this unfortunately.

If any of you guys have tried it then please let me know what you think of it. It frustrates me that I couldn't get it to work for me.

Thanks for reading guys.

  Lou xx

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Yet another Avon Haul

Hey Ladies,

 Well it would appear that I have been slightly naughty with the Avon book again a couple of weeks ago. This may be the last Avon haul for a bit though because I need to save my money for Download festival and also buy things I need for that so I've not put an order in this time and I'm going to try not to until I get home.

Advance Techniques Moisture IQ Moisture Genius Leave In Treatment - £3.90, Advance Techniques Back Comb Brush - £1.30, Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel in Viva Pink - £2.99, Color Trend Color Me Pretty Nail Enamel in Mint Ice - £1.50, Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel in Honeydew Dazzle - £2.99 and Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel in Lemon Sugar - £2.99

 This haul makes a little bit of change for me as normally I end up buying at least one lipstick but this time I managed to resist.

 I was looking through my nail varnish collection when I received the book I ordered these from and all my nail varnishs apart from a few are quite dark/Wintery colours and I decided I wanted to inject a bit of Summer and pastel colours into my collection. Over the weekend I'm going to order a nail wheel so I can swatch nail varnish and I will update this post with swatches.

 As soon as I received them I couldn't resist trying the Lemon Sugar colour as this colour just really stood out to me and I absolutely love it. It's the perfect Summery yellow. I'm currently wearing Viva Pink and I really like it as it's quite a bright colour but not too bright and not too light. These two are definately my favourite colours out of this haul. Honeydew Dazzle is a colour I'm not decided on yet, it is a lovely colour but I think its quite pale but I am going to try it again with another coat of so. Overall I really like Avon's Nailwear Pro+ line, I've got quite a few of these and the colour pay off it usually amazing, they're very pigmented and some of them you don't always need two coats. They usually last a few days before chipping as well. I've not used Mint Ice yet and I've never tried the Color Trend nail varnishs but the colour in the bottle is really nice so hopefully I do like it.

 Due to years of on and off bleaching of my hair, its left being rather damaged so I'm currently trying as many things as possible to get the condition back into including keeping my hair brown and leaving it as long as possible between dying (I'm dying to be blonde or pink again). I backcomb my hair everyday which doesn't help the damage in the slightest bit so I decided rather than use my usual comb as much as it works wonders, that I'd try a backcombing brush. The bristles on the brush don't feel as harsh as usual brushes and combs and feels a lot softer on my hair. Recently I ran out of my Aussie leave in conditioner so I thought I'd try something different for a change and thought I'd give this one a go because I really like the Avon Moroccan Oil

 I am open to suggestions about hair care and I would like to try some new products that'll help my hair get back into condition and maybe even grow a bit more as well as add volume (not asking for much I know) so if anybody has any suggestions of products that have worked for them or they really like or even that you'd just like to see a review on first please let me know.

 Recently I have done a fair bit of shopping however, there may not be a proper haul post for a well. As I said earlier I am saving for Download and concentrating on getting stuff for that. The majority of things I have purchased recently are beauty items for that, once I've purchased everything I need I will make a post nearer to the time about what I've got and festival essentials etc.

Anyways, thats all for now, hope you all enjoyed reading.

     Lou xx

Thursday, 9 May 2013

E.L.F Cosmetics Haul

Hi everyone,

  I realise I have been a bit of a slacker again recently but I've been pretty busy the past week or so with work and going back to the gym and other such things. I'm gonna try work blog posts into my schedule on days off from now on.

 This post was meant to go up last week and the week on my days off however, if you follow me on instgram or tumblr, you will already know that me and me boyfriend got a kitten nearly 3 weeks ago so a lot of my time was spent going shopping for things for him and playing with him.

 A few weeks ago as some of you may know, E.L.F cosmetics had a 50% off sale and me and my sister decided to take advantage as she hasn't tried their products before and there were a few items that I wanted to try out although I must admit they aren't needed.

 The products I decided to purchase were Studio Matte Colour in Rich Red (usually priced at £3.75, Brightening Eye Colour in Brownstone (usually £1.50), Studio Eyeshadow in Amethyst (usually £3.75) and Mineral Eye Brightener (usually £3.50).
 There were plenty of other products that I wanted to try but I decided not to because I don't really need anything. I chose the Brightening Eye Colour as I already have a couple of these and I really like them but they're a little bit paler than this one and neutral colours are the ones I tend to go for on a day to day basis.

 As you can see I have done a swatch of the colours to show you what they look like on, the top line was with a primer underneath and the bottom one was just applying straight to my skin. I realise its very hard to see the paler colours especially without the primer. Although the colours don't seem to be that pigmented when I've swatched them, the darker ones are and the lighter ones can be although sometimes it can be hard to get any colour pay off from them. I don't really mind though to be honest because they can make for a suitable look and for the usual price of £1.50 its ot too bad.

 Personally I think the image and the swatch of this product is pretty rubbish. I've been eyeing this up for ages as it looked so pretty on the website. The swatch did look quite brown when I put it on my arm as it does on this picture but I have used this and it is more purple when you use it on the eye. It's a really pretty colour and the pigmentations pretty good.

 I thought I'd give this eye brightener a go as recently I've felt like my eyes look really tired and puffy and obviously thats not an attractive look so I've been trying various things to make my eyes look better. I've only used it a couple of times and it does seem to make my eyes appear brighter but I have been using it with a few other under eye products so I'm not sure if its a combination of them all thats working. Once I've tried it out a bit more I'll let you all know my thoughts on it though.

 Last up we've got the Studio Matte Colour in Rich Red. I have been wanting this colour for a while but I have so many red lipsticks that I didn't feel like I needed a new one but then I decided a girl can never have too many red lipsticks. Upon looking on the website I did think this was a dark red but it is more of a pink toned red. Although its not the colour I thought it would be, I do still quite like it. I'm not gonna say too much about this as I've decided as I've bought a couple of matte lipsticks recently, I'm going to do an overal review on the matte lipsticks I have and which ones I think are the better ones.
 I hope you all enjoy this and I promise I'm gonna start getting posts up more regularly. I've got a lists of posts that I want to get up and pictures prepared for another couple of posts so I'm just going to try and set some time aside to get them up.
 Thanks for reading guys.
Love Lou