Friday, 13 December 2013

Gift Ideas - Makeup

 I seem to have a bit of spare time today so thought I'd try and get another post up offering my gift ideas for any friend or relative you may have that is interested in makeup (or maybe even just a treat for yourself). The items that I have chosen for this are ones that I would be interested in myself and are probably mostly towards the high end and from Debenhams as they are currently offering 10% off their beauty products at the moment. Whether the products are high end or not I will let you know where they can be purchased, how much for and if there are any offers.

 There's a lot of fuss about this product at the moment so I thought it would be the best product to start off my makeup gift ideas. I'm sure I don't need to tell any of you that this is the Urban Decay 'Naked 3' palette. On the Debenhams website this is priced at £37 and doesn't seem to be included in the 10% off deal but I'm sure you'll all agree that this would be a great gift for those makeup lovers.
 For any of those Benefit lovers out there, I have here the How to Look the Best at Everything kit which is usually £25 in Debenhams but is currently on offer for £22.95. I've been eyeing this product up for a while myself with its various face products and I like how this comes in 3 different shades so targets different skin tones however, I'm not sure if they would be suitable for everyone. In the kit you get POREfessional, boi-ing concealer (this is in 2 shades which vary dependent on the kit you get), hello flawless oxygen wow face brightener and hello flawless! powder.

 Next up we have another Benefit product and I'm sure you all know this is the World Famous Neutrals kits which cost £23.50 each but are currently on offer in Debenhams for £21.15. There are three of these kits all with different shades of neutrals (most galmorous nudes ever, easiest nudes ever and sexiest nudes ever) and come with 2 cream shadows and 4 powder shadows. Personally I think all 3 of these kits are gorgeous.
 This gift is a bit price coming in at £60 however, this is reduced from £99 and it may be something you lipstick lovers may want to put on your own Christmas lists. Although Illamasqua can be purchased in Debenhams, I found this gift on the Illamasqua website. It includes 6 lipsticks which are Plunge (bright mauve pink), Fable (bright rose pink), Scandal (warm coral pink), Over (bright coral pink), ESP (vivid violet) and Isis (red pink). For those of you who haven't tried Illamasqua lipsticks before, I have to admit they are one of my favourites and I don't actually have any of these colours. Due to the offer, each lipstick in the set works out at £10 whilst bought separately they would cost £16.50 each. For those of you who may be interested in trying these products but can't afford it, in the January sales Illamasqua had an amazing sale where some of their lipsticks were just £5. If they run this offer again I will let you all know.

 Here we have the Master Makeup Collection from E.L.F which is available at £35 and although E.L.F don't currently have an offer for a discount, they may well do nearer to Christmas however, if you do choose to order this now you will receive a free gift. I'm not sure what the free gift is but when E.L.F do offers like this its usually a palette of new products. The website doesn't list what this palette includes however, from the pictures it looks like 84 eyeshadows, 36 lipsticks/glosses, face powders, bronzer, blush, contouring powders and stuff thats included in their complexion kits and also some brushes. E.L.F products are surprisingly good for their price and I think this kits quite a good price for what you get. If you are interested in this product for yourself, you may want to wait until the sale starts after Christmas as E.L.F's sales are usually pretty good.

This 50pc Makeup Artist palette is also from E.L.F and is available for £15. In the set you get 40 eyeshadows which look to be pretty nice colours, 6 blushes and 6 bronzers. I think this kit is quite a handy little thing to have as it doesn't look look bad and has a mirror so may be quite a good product for travelling with.

 These are my top makeup choice that I personally think would make great gifts for a friend, relative or even yourself. I do realise there's not many but I'm going to try and not overload each post with loads of products. If I do see any other great makeup gift ideas and offers then I will be sure to let you all know.

 Thanks for reading.

          Lou xxx

Gift Ideas - Body Shop

 If you're stuck on any gift ideas for your loved ones this Christmas, the Body Shop is a good place to look as they cater for everyone from your grandma to your little sister. At the moment Body Shop are running a 50% off all purchases offer on both their website and in store. If you're ordering from the website, there is also free delivery on orders of £5 and the offer of 50% off will apply when using the offer code 19809.

 The Body Shop is somewhere I always turn to for gifts especially for my mum as she loves their products but only tends to buy them herself if there's an offer on. I've had a quick look through the website and picked out a few gifts to show you in case you are stuck on any ideas.

 First up we have a limited edition Christmas gift set and it is the Gingerbread scent which they also had last year although I don't remember this gift set being available last year, I feel like the only set available in a tin last Christmas was the Chocomania gift set. This gift set is quite a decent price at £17 at full price and it is really cute. I think the scent itself is probably not for everyone however, I do think its quite a Christmassy scent. This set includes Ginger Sparkle Shower Gel 250ml, Ginger Sparkle Body Butter 50ml, Ginger Sparkle Body Polish 75ml and Ginger Sparkle Mini Heart Soap.

 Next up I've decided to show you one of the more expensive gift sets that Body Shop have and this is also one of the limited edition Christmas ones but this time it's the Cranberry Joy one. This gift set is £25 however, if you do take advantage of the off then it would be only be £12.50. I think this gift set is good value for money as the products are all full size and you get Cranberry Joy Shower Gel 250ml, Cranberry Joy Body Butter 200ml, Cranberry Joy Body Polish 200ml and Cranberry Joy Lip Balm. 

 Sticking with the Christmas collection, this is the Vanilla Bliss gift set which at full price costs £17. I actually purchased most of the products in this set in the January sales and I think it smells so nice, it is probably one of those scents that cater for pretty much everyone although I do think the body polish smells a bit like battenburg and I wanted to eat it. In the gift set you get Vanilla Bliss Shower Gel 250ml, Vanilla Bliss Body Butter 50ml, Vanilla Bliss Body Polish 75ml and Vanilla Bliss Mini Heart Soap.
 I feel this Shea gift set is a pretty safe bet for anyone as it doesn't have a strong scent which some people not like so if you're not sure what sort of smells the person you are buying for would like then I would go for this one. I got this for my mum last year and she loved the products in this and says they were really nourishing. At full price this is again £17 and comes with Shea Shower Cream 250ml, Shea Soap, Shea Body Scrub 50ml, Shea Body Butter 50ml and a shower lily.

 If you are aware of smells the person you are buying for likes best then the Shea gift set does also come in Coconut, Mango, Olive, Satsuma, Strawberry, Chocomania and Honeymania so there's quite a choice to pick from and they all come with the same products in the respective scents. The Vanilla gift set is also available in Cranberry Joy whilst the Cranberry Joy gift set you can get in Chocomania, Coconut, Olive and Shea.

 I wasn't going to include this gift  at first but I decided to as I think it's quite a fun concept and a bargain with the 50% off. I also think this would make a great gift for anyone who loves body butters. This set is £20 and you get Coconut Body Butter 50ml, Shea Body Butter 50ml, Moringa Body Butter 50ml, Strawberry Body Butter 50ml and Satsuma Body Butter 50ml. Apart from the Strawberry and Satsuma scents which are quite strong, I think the products featured are quite suitable for anyone no matter what their preference of smell is.

 I hope this has helped a little if you have been struggling for ideas and I will be back with another gift ideas post hopefully within the next few days.

       Lou xxx

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Calling all Soap n Glory addicts

As promised, I have kept my eye out for any fantastic deals. I mentioned in my previous post that last year the Soap n Glory gift set that comes in at £60 did get reduced to half price for a couple of days. 

When looking through my emails this morning I noticed one from money saving expert which I get on a regular basis and would you believe it, Boots have decided to run the offer on this gift set again and it will be available as of tomorrow priced at £27 which is a huge saving.

I've been on the Boots website this morning and it currently says 'stock coming soon' so I'm assuming that the stocks being taken off the website until the offer launches as if last years anything to go by it will sell out pretty quick.

If you want to bag this gift set for yourself or as a Christmas present for a loved one then I suggest checking the Boots website first thing in the morning (maybe even later one tonight) or get to your nearest store as early as possible tomorrow. If I remember correctly the offer got extended for a few days last year but I would assume it's while the stocks last.

This is just a quick one as I am on my way to work but I'm hoping to be back tomorrow with some more Christmas offers/gift ideas for you all :)

Thanks for reading.

              Lou xxx