Saturday, 20 April 2013

Avon & Superdrug Haul

I am well aware that I've not posted at least once a week like I said I was going to however, since my last post I have actually moved house and everythings a bit everywhere at the minute with the majority of things still being in boxes. Plus we have only just got the internet as well.

Whilst I've not been posting I have been thinking of posts that I can do and I'm going to try and get them up as quickly as I can. I am also looking at getting a new camera as any pictures shown at the minute are actually taken on my phone.

Today I do actually have a bit of a haul that consists of Avon and Superdrug products.

This first Avon order I was going to post about straight after my last move but we then got caught up in the move and have received another order last week so thought I might as well give a run through of the products I purchased at the same time.

These items from left to right are Solutions Complete Balance Oil Free Mattifying Toner (£1.75), Avon bubble bath in Blackberries & Vanilla (£2.50), Solutions Ice Body Firming Treatment (£3.50) and ColorTrend Lip Stix in Gone Pink and Reddy to Go (£1.99 each).

I have been using Avon bubble baths for quite a while but usually have Strawbrry Sorbet but over Christmas I thought I'd give the Blackberries & Vanilla one a go and I absolutely love the smell of it so thought I'd get a big bottle of it while it was on offer. The other four products I have purchased I have never used before so thought why not? I have been using the Mattifying Toner ever since I got it and am quite liking it. I've also used the Lip Stix a couple of times and may pop a review up on these at a later date

My next Avon haul is all products that I've not used from Avon before but I think all but one of the products are new to the Avon range.

 These products are Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Nail Spray (£2.50), Ultra Colour Rich Matte Lipstick in Pink Cuddle and Matte Crimson (£4.00 each), ColorTrend Cheeky Powder Blush in Hot Pink (£2.00) and Always on Point Eyeliner in Black (£3.50).

I've wanted to try the Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Nail Spray for a while as I hate waiting for my nails to dry, I get so impatient. I have tried it and I'm not too sure what I think at the minute but I'll try it out a few more times and let you all know what I think. I really don't need any more lipsticks, I have more than enough but I can't stop buying them. I'm loving matte lipsticks at the minute and thought I'd give these a try out, they are normally £7 each and with them being on offer thought I'd try two so I can get a good impression of they are.

Below I have quite a few things from Superdrug and would just like to say I didn't buy these all at once, I did go in twice.

These products are Superdrug Dry Shampoo in Away with the Fairies and Chocolate Brownie (£2.99 each), Dove Deodrant in Pomegranate (£2.89) each, Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Big Bang, Apocaliptic, Stellar, Galaxy, Celestial, Nova and Nude Eclipse (£5.99 each) and Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in Soft Pink (101).
I have given the retail prices on these items however, I did get the dry Shampoo 2 for £2.49 i think it was, something like that anyway I just can't find the receipt at the minute, the deodrant was 2 for £3 and all the Rimmel products were on 3 for 2. About 6 weeks or so ago I saw Dollybowbows review on the Apocalips and automatically needed them, I resisted for a while and then when I saw they were on 3 for 2 I bought Big Bang, Apocaliptic and Stellar. I immediately fell in love with them and decided I needed to have them all and I'm currently testing them all out and will do a review on them.
I won't be doing a review on the deodrant as it's just deodrant but I can tell you that I do really like Dove deodrants and I love the smell of the Pomegranate one, it reminds me of summer. Normally I use Batiste dry shampoo but as the Superdrugs own dry shampoo was on offer I decided to give it a go and I'll pop a review up once I've gave both of them a go.
Sorry that the pictures aren't too great but at the minute I need a new camera so all pictures have been taken on my iphone.
Anyway thanks for reading and I will try and get more posts up from now on.
                                                            Love Lou