Wednesday, 4 June 2014

MAC Sharon and Kelly Osbourne Collection

Well good evening ladies!

Today I want to talk to you all about the newest collection from MAC in collaboration with the fabulous Sharon and Kelly Osbourne. Personally I haven't been too thrown with MAC's collections of late including the Maleficent one which I thought I would love but I have been ridiculously excited about this collection since it was announced and as of the next week (if what I've read is to be believed) this collection will be available across the UK.

As you can probably guess the products on the top row are Kelly's collection while Sharon's is on the bottom. First off I love the packaging of Kelly's, it just looks so pretty but I can't decide on Sharon's although I could feel differently when I see it although I like how they've stuck with their trade mark colours.

The products featured in Kelly's collection includes 4 lipsticks (Strip Poker, Riot House, Kelly Yum-Yum and Dodgy Girl), an eyeshadow quad called Bloody Brilliant which includes the colours Tickety Boo, Fizzy Rose, Spoonful of Sugar and Shadow Lady, a brow duo called Morning Mister Magpie with the colours Soba and Brun, a lip pencil (In Synch), a jumbo penultimate in RapidBlack, an eye khol in Smolder, a powder blush in Cheeky Bugger, a mineralize skinfinish duo in Jolly Good and two brushes which are 219SE pencil brush and 183SE which is a flat buffer brush.

Sharon's collection includes 2 lipglasses (Pussywillow and Bijou), 4 patent polish lip pencils (Innocent, Patentpink, French Kiss and Ruby), an eyeshadow quad named Duchess which includes the colours Femme Fatale, Embark, Sexy Eyes and Sweet Eyes), a lip pencil in Cranberry, a powerpoint eye pencil Bountiful Brown, a mineralize skinfinish duo in Refresh, a powder blush in Peaches & Cream and two brushes which are 275SE a medium angled shading brush and 167SE a face blending brush.

I'm not 100% sure on the prices of range as most I'm finding are in dollars but based on what I've read and other collections, the lipsticks will be £16.50, the quads probably about £30, the Sharon patent pencils will be £16, the skinfinishes £24 and the blushes £23. I'm not sure with the other prices but I will keep you all updated with what I find out.

From the swatches I've seen from those lucky people who have already got their hands on this collection, the colours of all the products look really nice which due to limited funds makes it really hard to choose what to purchase.

I think I will more than likely purchase Dodgy Girl but I can't decide which of the other lipsticks I want to get, Kelly Yum-Yum is very similar to Candy Yum-Yum so I may decide against this one but I don't know because it's so pretty. I would love both of the quads and the Peaches & Cream blush as well but I'm going to have to see what funds allow. If I could I'd have it all which is the first time I've thought this about a MAC collection in a while.

This is just a short post today but I just wanted to let you all know that the collection will be available very soon however, if I'm lucky in purchasing some of these products I will do a post about them.

Which of this products will you all be purchasing? Or if you have got your hands on any of these products which products would you recommend?

Have a lovely evening everyone.

            Lou xxx

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