Friday, 21 March 2014

Lush Haul

Good Morning!

 Despite everything that is going on and stressing me out at the moment, I've woken up in such a positive and motivated mood which I'm going to try all my efforts to keep up. With this in mind I'm going to throw myself into things such as sorting my life out but also things to keep me busy and motivated such as writing as much as possible. I'm currently trying to come up with a list of things that I want to blog about that is probably not going to include many hauls as I am really broke at the moment so if anyone has anything they'd like to read about such as particular makeup looks then please let me know. Although I'm trying not to spend much money, please let me know if there are any particular products you'd like me to try out and write a review as I will make a list of them and try them out as and when possible.

 Anyway I'm going to get on with things now, I did treat myself last weekend to a couple of things from Lush to help with my relaxing baths although this could be my last haul treat for a little while which upsets me a little bit.

(left to right: Yuzo and Cocoa £3.25,Fluffy Egg £2.95 and Golden Egg £3.50)

 First up we have Yuzo and  Cocoa which is a Bubble Bar which the blurb on the website states: This chocolate orange-scented bubble bar offers comfort and cheer while pampering your skin. This bubble bar actually smells so yummy, I'm not too sure it smells like chocolate orange but I do think it smells a bit like Bombardino which was available at Christmas. It has a sort of citrus smell but a bit like comforting food at the same time (yes I am rubbish at describing smells). 

 Fluffy Egg is a bath ballistic from the limited edition Easter range and for the price is actually quiet a big ballistic and the sign in the store mentioned that the scent is like Snow Fairy although the blurb says: The perfect antidote to over indulgence at Easter. This is Lush's answer to a chocolate Easter egg; a pretty pink, sugary sweet, candy-scented bath bomb. Drop this sweet little egg into warm water for fizzing pink, candy scented fun. This ballistic definately smells very sweet and candy like and to be honest very similar to Snow Fairy. It smells amazing and I can't wait to use this in my bath. Its also uber cute looking with a pink flower on one side similar to the flower on the Creamy Candy bubble bar and a yellow one on the other side.

 Last of all we have the one that everyone seems to be talking about due to the sheer amount of shineyness and glitter, Golden Egg! I was very dubious of this ballistic at first because the slight little touch you get absolutely covered in glitter however, it does brush off quite easily. On the Lush website this is described as A glistening golden bath melt AND bath bomb rolled into one, that smells like Honey I Washed the Kids! When I bought this I was told in the shop that the outer  coating is a bath melt which the glitter is stuck to but once this melts away it reveals the ballistic. They also showed it in the water and it looks as if it will turn your bath water a lovely colour and surprisingly not overly glittery. I was also informed that the stuff that is used for the glitter has been changed so it doesn't stick to you as much as the previous products although it does leave you with a slight shimmer. True to word this does smell some what like Honey I Washed the Kids! and it smells absolutely divine, almost like you could eat it although I wouldn't advise that.

 That's enough babble for now, I'm going to enjoy a lovely relaxing bath before getting my house jobs done and applying for jobs. If any of you have tried these products then let me know your opinions.

 As always thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy this fine Spring Day.

Lou xx

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