Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Book Challenge Update

 Good morning everyone!

 This morning I've decided rather than give a beauty update/haul that I'd let you know how I was getting on with the book challenge that I mentioned back in January and let you know my opinions on them and a little overview of them without giving too much away.

 As you may remember I did mention that I was reading Game of Thrones however, I've also been reading books on my way to and from work and as they're so long I don't really want to be carrying them to and from work so I am still on book one of the series and am about half way through. Saying this, I have finished 3 books and am almost halfway through another one.

 Over Christmas I was reading a book named The Perfect Christmas by Georgie Carter but once Christmas Day hit I switched to Game of Thrones and decided to finish this one on the bus journey to and from work.

 This book is about a girl named Robyn Hood who is a wedding planner but struggling to find love for herself after being cheated on by her fiance. Throughout the book Robyn feels her biological clock ticking and thinks she has found Mr Perfect to settle down with however, there's a catch - he's married. This doesn't stop her and they continue their affair for quite a while causing Robyn to fall out with her closest friends. Running along side this, Robyn is running her own wedding planning business which is growing successfully where she meets another guy who she constantly picks faults with but everyone else thinks he could be just what she needs. The whole story line comes together in the last few chapters where Robyn's social life and work life collide.
 Overall I can't decide whether I liked this book or not. It was a nice easy read which is just what you need over Christmas but it seemed to lack something for me although I can't put my finger on what it is. I did finish the book and I wanted to know how it ended but I'm not sure I actually enjoyed it so I don't think I'd actually read it again.


 Once I finished The Perfect Christmas, I opted for I heart New York by Lindsey Kelk as I like a nice light and easy read on my journey to work. Plus I was in the mood for something a little cheesy.
 This book is based around the life of Angela Clark who upon finding her finding her finance having sex with someone else in the back of their car at their friends wedding books a one way ticket to New York. Once she gets to New York, she realises she doesn't have anywhere to stay and has a breakdown in the taxi ride to find a hotel. The taxi driver takes her to the hotel that he last drops off at which sounds amazing and becomes friends the conceirge Jenny Lopez (yes that is her name) who helps Angela in her journey of self discovery and doing what every girl probably tries to do after a break up - reinvent herself. In her journey Angela starts dating a couple of guys and manage to land herself a job writing a blog for a major magazine. Angela tries to ignore the problems she left at home which as we all know doesn't solve anything, eventually this all catches up with her and she must decide whether to return home to England or continue her American adventure.
 I really liked this book, I found it really easy to read and also some what inspiring and encouraging and I found myself constantly wanting to read on. When I bought this it was on offer for £1 as was I heart Paris which is the third book that I've completed.

 This book is actually the third book in Lindsey Kelk's I heart series however, they didn't have I heart Hollywood when I got these two but I will be purchasing it along with the other books in the series.
 As with I heart New York this story revolves around Angela Clark and tells the story of her trip to Paris which is supposed to be a romantic getaway for her and her boyfriend and also a work trip however, everything goes a bit tits up where people seem to be sabotaging her article and her love life which probably isn't helped with her alcohol intake on the trip. Throughout the novel we see a bit of a different side to Angela where rather than being positive and ignoring her problems as in I heart New York they are constantly taking over her thoughts causing her to make more of a mess of things than they actually are.
 If you are going away this Summer or are just after an easy girly read I would definatley recommend this series.

 At the moment on my journey to and from work I'm reading Fallen by Karin Slaughter which is a bit different to these books as it's a crime novel however, I am finding it quite easy to read and am about halfway through and I think I only started it last week which isn't bad going when I'm only reading it to and from work and on my dinner break. Once I've read another couple of books I will do a little overview of this or maybe one on its own if I get chance.

 I hope some of you may find this interesting and I would love to know if anyone has read these books and your opinions. If any of you have any books that you want to recommend for me to read please let me know as I will pretty much give any genre of book a chance.

 That's all for now anyway. I shall hopefully be back in the near future.

       Lou xx

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