Friday, 10 January 2014

A belated Happy New Year and my new addition

I know it is a little bit late but Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, New Year and start to January, unfortunately I've had the dreaded cold/flu bug since a few days after Christmas 😔

For this next year my aim is to post on here a lot more whether this be from my phone or the laptop and it will be helped along by better pictures and Tom bought me a lovely new camera for Christmas. I have a few aims for myself this year and I've decided I will share them with you guys as it will add a bit of a mixture to my posts. 

Last year I wanted to lose some weight and at first I really struggled and then a stone dropped off in a few weeks but then I put half a stone back on and have been finding it difficult to get it back off so I am going to be working on that and will be letting you know of my progress and any tips as recipes. 

For my down time I have also decided I am going to set myself the challenge of reading 25 books this year and I will post reviews of the books I read. At the minute I am reading Game of Thrones and as there is 7 books so far I may just do an overall one when I finish them.

This year I am also going to be working on getting a new job, getting my driving license and I am toying with the idea of going back to university in September as I only have a year left of my degree however now I have my own house it is a lot to think about financially. I'm also hoping to go on a lot more adventures this year both in the UK and hopefully abroad as well and thought these could make some interesting posts.

Now it's time to introduce you all to my new addition; everybody meet Dexter.

Tom and I have talked about getting another cat for a while however, we were going to wait a few months and save up for a Bengal as Ozzy is three quarters Bengal. A couple of days before New Year I got home from work to be told we were going to see some 7 week old kittens and although they weren't Bengals we thought they were adorable. By the time we got there there was only 2 left and we wld have had both if we didn't already have Ozzy.

Dexter was the runt of the litter and so tiny! When we first brought him home Ozzy wasn't sure what to think of him but when we took him upstairs Ozzy started hissing and growling at him. Luckily Tom was off for a couple days although did get a couple of call outs so he could keep an eye on them and everyone kept telling me they'd be fine within a week or so. We'd only had Dexter 2 days by the time they started going on and they're now the best of friends. They're constantly play fighting with each other and following each other around and when they're not doing that they are cuddled up on the bed together.

Ozzy just seems huge compared to Dexter! 

As I have been typing this they've been running around the living room like crazy things chasing each other and Ozzy has now knocked a glass of water flying! If any of you are cat owners you will know they always play rough, with the size difference I keep thinking Ozzys going to kill Dexter but he's not hurting him and it's usually Dexter that's starts the play fighting.

Anyway I will stop babbling about my cats now as I need to do some tidying and get a list together of posts I would like to do and hopefully I will be back soon.

Thanks for reading guys.

Lou xxx

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